On October 12-14th – we are setting up a Tabernacle right in the Heart of Hollywood to contend for the soul of this city. As Esther prayed and fasted for 3 days for the deliverance of her people – we are standing for 3 days to Welcome the Presence of the Lord into this city to altar the destiny of Arts & Entertainment. The Lord has spoken very clearly that when the shaking occurs – if we will learn to OCCUPY THE LAND with His Presence – structures will change, kings and queens will ARISE, and a new JUSTICE movement will be birthed. Could this be that Esther Moment for Hollywood?

Hollywood today is possibly the most influential city in human history. It is the place where stories are crafted that capture the imagination of billions around the world. It is the place where music is created which enters into the consciousness of man as they are eating, driving, exercising, or working. It’s impact has no bounds and it’s reach is as close as our cell phones and as large as the biggest stadiums. No one city touches the hearts of children and grown up alike like Hollywood.

Over the last 40 years – we have seen a steady decline in the moral compass in and around the world of Arts & Entertainment. It has affected America and has trickled down to the rest of the world. We have seen changed policy, increased violence, more hopelessness, and the rise of injustice – especially against women and children. There have been rays of light from this industry but the infrastructure has become more and more entrenched in content that has empowered darkness.

As darkness has increased – many prayers have been lifted up for Hollywood – that it would be known as “Holy”wood the City of the Son. In recent years – the Church has started believing again for the God-destiny of this city rather than cursing it. As worship and intercession has risen – God has begun to release His Presence in unprecedented ways. Over the last 12 months – even the very structures within the city that have been ‘sacred’ have started to shake and many positions in high places have been vacated. For those that were crazy enough to believe God to transform this city – old structures had to unravel so new ones can birth. If Hollywood was ever primed for this shift – it is NOW!





12am | Hollywood Arise Kickoff
12am-7pm | Worship/Prayer Sets
7pm | Corporate Gathering
10pm-12am | Worship/Prayer Sets


12-9am | Worship/Prayer Sets
9am | Solemn Assembly Begins
5pm | Solemn Assembly Ends
5pm – 12am | Worship/Prayer Sets


12am  – 12pm| Worship/Prayer Sets
12pm | Hollywood Arise – Worship Service
Speaker Cindy Jacobs
3-9pm | Worship/Prayer Sets
9pm | Creative Arts Celebration
Dance, Spoken Word, Art, Etc
11pm – Worship Blowout
11:59pm – Hollywood Arise Ends




Jonathan & Sharon Ngai are the Founders and Directors of Radiance International – an Apostolic Center and House of Prayer in the Heart of Hollywood. Jonathan‘s life is marked by an abandonment to see Jesus Christ known in his generation. Since his call to full-time ministry in 1996, he has pioneered movements among Students (Movement 133), in Worship and Prayer (STRIKE LA), and in the Marketplace (Radiance Music Group, Radiance Art Gallery). One of the primary gifts in Jonathan’s life is to bring vision to reality – whether individually or corporately. The Lord has used him to walk many leaders on the Campuses, in the Churches, and in the Arts & Entertainment industry to their full potential in Christ.

Sharon is passionate about raising up a new breed of Creatives & Artists who will rise up to shift Hollywood for Christ. She is also the Founder and President of Justice Speaks, a non-profit organization with a focus on fighting human trafficking. Through Justice Speaks, over 1,000 at-risk children vulnerable to be trafficked into Thailand’s sex trade have been reached and exploited women in Strip Clubs and Massage Parlors have experienced the power of God’s love.

Both Jonathan and Sharon are graduates from the University of Southern California and Fuller Theological Seminary. Together, they serve on the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders, and are National Prayer Leaders in the Reformation Prayer Network under Mike & Cindy Jacobs.

They are parents to 3 wonderful children- Elijah, Ezekiel and Eliana.